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Application Guide Specifications

Innovative Waterproofing Solutions has provided the following guide specifications for applications :

-Below Grade Waterproofing

-Light Weight Concrete Waterproofing with Pavers

-Light Weight Concrete Waterproofing

-Vertical Waterproofing

More Information...

-Testing Data

-Why Concrete Waterproofing

-Building Envelope Applications

IWS Water Proof

Redefining Waterproofing


No Seams

No Reinforcements

No Complicated Installation

Innovative Waterproofing Solutions manufactures a high quality, versatile waterproofing product that is easy to use and provides durable results. It is applied with a brush or roller and does not require any complicated equipment or intense labor. IWS Water Proof is a fluid applied waterproofing product that can be an easy solution to many waterproofing projects.

IWS Water Proof is an ideal product for the following:

  • Damp Proofing

  • Foundation Coating

  • Foundation Repair

  • Restoration Waterproofing

  • Deck Membrane

  • Sealing Projects

  • Pond Repair

  • Roof Repair

IWS Water Proof is a perfect solution for any of your concrete waterproofing needs and can be applied to many other substrates including:​ wood, brick, stucco, sheet goods and some metallic surfaces. 

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