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IWS Water Proof's Testing Data

IWS Water Proof has high level test results that pertain to its use as a full building envelope solution.


ASTM E2178


The ASTM E2178 standard is the acceptance of a building materials use as an air barrier.



4.1 The purpose of this test is to measure the air permeance of flexible sheet or rigid panel-type materials. The results of this test may be useful in determining suitability of that material as a component of an air retarder system.

4.2 This method does not address the installed air leakage performance of building materials. The installed performance of air retarder materials and air retarder systems in low-rise framed wall construction is addressed in Specification

ICC Compliance

The International Code Council recognizes IWS Water Proof as an approved waterproofing and damp proofing product as seen by the International Building Code (IBC) and the International Residential Code (IRC).

Application Guide Specifications

Innovative Waterproofing Solutions has provided guide specifications for the applications of the following:

-Existing Stucco Application

-Wood Deck Application

-Wood Deck Application with ASC X Coating

Building Envelope Solutions

What is a Building Envelope?

"A building envelope is the physical separator between the conditioned and unconditioned environment of a building including the resistance to air, water, heat, light, and noise transfer." (Source)

In simpler terms, the building envelope is what keeps the outside outside, and the inside inside; the exterior walls.


It is important to make sure the exterior walls are sealed tight to avoid the costly intrusion of unwanted water and moisture.

The many functions of the building envelope can be separated into three categories:

  • Support (to resist and transfer structural and dynamic loads)

  • Control (the flow of matter and energy of all types)

  • Finish (to meet desired aesthetics on the inside and outside)

What is a Great Building Envelope Protection Solution?

With how important it is to seal a building's exterior, you want to use something that is proven to work in every situation.

IWS Water Proof is the perfect solution for all building envelope situations.

Due to the fact that IWS Water Proof is a highly advanced mixture of asphalt and rubber, it is able to create a seamless, monolithic membrane, that doesn't require any reinforcement. This membrane is strong enough to deny any penetration from air or water. 

The versatility of IWS Water Proof is what makes it the perfect product for the building envelope. It can be used above and below grade, making it the perfect foundation waterproofing membrane while also being great as an above grade air barrier.

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