Concrete waterproofing

Why Waterproofing is Used on Concrete

Applying a waterproofing product to concrete is essential, as it keeps moisture from entering the facility. It is also required to protect the structural integrity of the concrete in tact.

Because concrete is a porous material by design, water can pass through the concrete by hydrostatic pressure. Water can also enter cracks in the concrete that are caused by expansion and contraction of the substrate.

This makes it necessary to properly waterproof a concrete surface of a structure, especially if the concrete is below surface grade.

Read more about how water can pass through concrete here.

What is the Best Concrete Waterproofing Product on the Market?

To be an effective waterproofing product, one must be tough, flexible, versatile, and easy to apply.

IWS Water Proof has all of these attributes, truly making it one of the most advanced concrete waterproofing products available today.

IWS Water Proof is a very unique product, as it contains one of the highest rubber contents on the market, giving it the flexibility and toughness to withstand harsh conditions and expand and contract with the substrate it is applied to.

IWS Water Proof is also very user friendly. As a fluid applied waterproofing membrane, IWS Water Proof easily spreads out using any type of brush or roller, giving instant results to the applicator.

IWS Water Proof even comes in a sealant tube, making filling cracks in concrete and asphalt easy and efficient.


IWS Water Proof Has Been Put to the Test

IWS Water Proof has endured rigorous testing and has a number of high level certifications.

International Code Council (ICC)

The International Code Council is the leading global source of model codes and standards and building safety solutions that include product evaluation, accreditation, technology, training, and certification. The Code Council's codes, standards, and solutions are used to ensure safe, affordable, and sustainable communities and buildings worldwide. (ICC WEBSITE).

IWS Water Proof has received a number of certifications from the ICC for various locations in the United States and Canada.

-ESR-4660 ICC Compliance

-ESR-4660 ICC Compliance LARC, LABC

-ESR-4660 FBC Compliance

-ICC A29 Test Report

-ESL-1263 ICC Compliance - Canada

The Miami-Dade County Building Code is one of the world's most comprehensive and strict building codes in the world. IWS Water Proof has acceptance from Miami-Dade County as an approved waterproofing product.

Miami-Dade County prides itself on the following: (

  • Enforcement of building codes and zoning regulations. Issuing of contractor licenses and approvals of construction materials and products. Protection of environmental and historic resources.

  • Review of land development and construction permit applications for compliance with applicable building, zoning, environmental and public works codes, and with the County's Comprehensive Development Master Plan.

  • Promotion of fair competition through consumer protection efforts (licensing, enforcement and mediation), and consumer education efforts focused on youth and families.

  • Development and implementation of economic development strategies for the County overall as well as sector-specific initiatives in the agricultural, entertainment and trade industries.

  • Economic research, land use planning and resilience initiatives to enable sound economic development and policies.

You can find IWS Water Proof's Miami-Dade Notice of Acceptance Here:

-IWS Miami Dade NOA

Below Grade Waterproofing

Below-Grade waterproofing is the construction practice of applying membranes and coatings to the foundation walls of the structure under street or ground level, as part of the building envelope.  It can go by other names such as below-ground or basement waterproofing.

IWS Water Proof is a perfect product for below grade concrete foundations. Because of the fact that it can be applied to "green", or freshly poured concrete, you can be assured that your building will be water tight from the very beginning.

IWS Water Proof has the ability to expand and contract with the substrate, which is very important below grade. When exposed to the harsh underground environments, concrete can crack, potentially causing costly interior damage. That is why below grade waterproofing is required; to protect the building's foundation and prevent high cost damage down the line.

Other Areas Where Concrete Waterproofing Should Be Used

Concrete Waterproofing Applications:

  • Bridges

  • Parking decks

  • Plaza decks

  • Structural slabs

  • Vehicular, utility and pedestrian tunnel projects

  • Hospitals

  • Schools

  • Office construction

  • Commercial projects

Application Guide Specifications

Innovative Waterproofing Solutions has provided guide specifications for the applications of the following:

-Below Grade Waterproofing

-Light Weight Concrete Waterproofing with Pavers

-Light Weight Concrete Waterproofing

-Vertical Waterproofing