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Innovative Waterproofing Solutions: IWS Water Proof Fluid Applied Waterproofing: ICC-ES-ESR 4660

Innovative Waterproofing Solutions is a leading manufacturer of waterproofing products designed and tested to meet all international building standards and requirements. IWS products through their flagship product – IWS Water Proof - help stop the infiltration of water at all below-grade and above-grade exterior building surfaces.

The newly released ICC-ES-ESR 4660 confirms that IWS Water Proof is in compliance with code requirements of the 2018, 2020 International Building Code (IBC) and International Residential Code (IRC). The compliance covers foundation damp proofing and foundation waterproofing at below-grade surfaces. Supplements to the ICC-ES-ESR include compliance with IBC and IRC codes in State of Florida, and Los Angeles County and ICC-ESL-1263 in Canada.

IWS Water proof is comprised of an industry changing asphaltic-rubber formulation that combines the elastic properties of modified rubber with the weatherproofing and waterproofing capability of emulsified asphalt that forms to a monolithic, seamless membrane. The resulting asphaltic-rubber membrane provides a complete, high performance waterproofing membrane that is VOC-free, environmentally friendly, rapidly installed, and delivers a complete solution for the entire scope of waterproofing.

IWS Water Proof forms to a single set, fully adhered, monolithic and seamless membrane that results in in a high-performance membrane that resists hydrostatic pressure, bridges cracks, and moves with created expansion and contraction of the surface. The membrane performs in continuously submerged water, has excellent adhesion characteristics to all surfaces, and can be productively completed without expensive equipment and minimal labor.


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