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Containment & Pond Liner

Updated: Jan 13, 2020

When it comes to commercial and industrial ponds the purpose of the contained areas can range from a decorative fountain area purely for aesthetics, to an area for containment of hazardous waste. The farming industry utilizes ponds for everything from fish nurseries to containment of animal waste. While some ponds create a soothing and beautifying addition to the urban landscape, others act as a functional part of industrial processes.

Most commercial and industrial ponds are constructed with concrete and lined to contain water or other matter depending on their use. Lining products are numerous and range from sheet membranes to liquid applied waterproof and chemical-proof membranes or coatings. The advantage of using liquid applied membranes as opposed to sheet membranes is that a liquid applied membrane is applied seamlessly to the concrete shell and easily conforms to the surface. Also, the application of liquid applied products is often less laborious, saving time and money.

With many liquid-applied products available some important things to consider are the products perm rating - how permeable is the product to fluid and water vapor. The elongation and recovery - how much will it stretch and contract with the natural expansion and contraction of the structure. And the adhesion – how well will the product cling to the surface it is being applied to. A good liquid applied product will adhere to the concrete in such a way that it will become a part of the structure itself.

Innovative Waterproofing Solutions offers a great product for pond lining and containment with a Water Vapor Permeance rating (per ASTM-E-96) of .08, over 1000% elongation (per ASTM-D-3468) with 80% recovery. As far as adhesion, in testing for Miami Dade approval, a Bonded Pull Test is required (TAS 114 App. D) over concrete, the IWS Water Proof product tested between 660.0 PSF (pounds per sq. ft.) and 825.0 PSF.


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