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IWS Waterproofing Materials Testing

D-MAX Testing Data

In building envelope work and specifically waterproofing, assurance that water intrusion to the interior of a building does not occur when the exterior is exposed to weather events is the goal of every contractor and building owner. Materials testing with regards to the integrity of a waterproofing product is paramount. Much of the effectiveness of a waterproofing system depends on the properties of the materials being used. Given proper installation the materials are the sole thing standing between the elements and the interior of a building.

The American Society for Testing Materials (ASTM) is an international standards organization that develops and publishes voluntary consensus technical standards for a wide range of materials, products, systems, and services, including waterproofing materials and products. These tests can be extensive including the environmental impact of a material, as well as the best tools and processes for application and installation.

What determines a waterproofing materials effectiveness in keeping water out, are the results involving hydrostatic pressure and permeance. The focus of these tests concentrates on the penetration of water or moisture through the materials surface. IWS products have gone through a rigorous amount of testing with ASTM, and Miami-Dade as well. IWS’s Waterproofing Grade product demonstrates extremely low water absorption, passes a 150 psi hydrostatic head and rates .08 perms per ASTM E96 testing.

Other outstanding features of IWS’s Waterproofing Grade product include: Superior elongation of over 1000% that delivers exceptional durability and performance over high movement areas and has a recovery of 80%. Excellent adhesion of greater than 12lbf/in. (concrete) and 11lbf/in. (wood), adhering to most any substrate. Also, IWS Waterproofing products are environmentally friendly, water-based and a VOC-free system that is entirely cold applied; eliminating heat sources, torches, and dangerous gasses.


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