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The Future of Waterproofing with IWS

The IWS liquid rubber products combine the properties of emulsified asphalt and modified rubber that creates an instant-setting waterproofing and weatherproofing membrane. It is the twenty-first century version of a built-up roof system that has the performance characteristics of modified bitumen and—because it is a monolithic, seamless membrane—it provides longer service life with less maintenance than single-ply systems. IWS liquid rubber membranes provide economical solutions to all waterproofing and weatherproofing applications with superior performance characteristics. These products can be applied in all types of waterproofing, roofing and exterior envelope conditions.

The primary advantages of IWS liquid rubber products are as follows:

• Superior elongation and recovery of 1,000 percent or more. This prevents the membrane from cracking with seasonal temperature changes that alter the size and shape of building surfaces. IWS membranes have the capacity to stretch and recover, which allows for movement of the underlying surface. The material recovers to 90 percent of its original state after elongation.

• Excellent adhesion: forms a permanent bond to metal, wood, plastic, and concrete—even ‘green’ concrete, resulting in a self-healing and self-sealing membrane. It also provides strong adhesion to existing construction materials like built-up roofs, modified bitumen, thermosets and thermoplastic membranes, and all waterproofing materials. In most cases, no prime or tack coat is required.

• Sustainable and environmentally responsible: the materials contain no VOCs and satisfy EPA regulations and environmental concerns. No special ventilation is required as the material is non-toxic, odorless, and non-flammable. Many IWS applications alleviate the need for tear-offs and negate landfill waste.

• Safe applications: the material can be applied with trowels, rollers, brushes or a specially designed dual-component spray rig. No heat, kettles, torches or open flames are required in the application process. The material is safe to apply and possesses no health risks to the applicators.

Another primary advantage of the IWS membrane system is that the material is manufactured directly at application and it is self-leveling. This allows the membrane to conform to substrate irregularities and provides a continuous seal at penetrations, which are typically difficult details in waterproofing applications. The instant, full adhesion of the membrane allows for continuous system application without additional components that would be required with other membrane applications. Contact us today to become part of the future of waterproofing!


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