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The Tenacious Adhesion of IWS Liquid Rubber Products

Updated: Sep 26, 2019

In the early 2000’s, the cold fluid applied liquid rubber membrane system was developed. The liquid rubber material combines the elastomeric properties of rubber polymers with the weatherproof/waterproof characteristics of a highly refined emulsified asphalt. The resulting formulations are proprietary materials that form a properly adhered monolithic, seamless, rubber membrane, unlike coatings that only provide a film surface or adhesives that require reinforcements for waterproofing capacity.

Another primary advantage of the IWS membrane system is that the material is manufactured directly at the point of application and it is self-leveling. This allows the membrane to conform to the irregularities of any substrate and provides a continuous seal at penetrations, which are typically difficult details in waterproofing applications.

The rapid, full adhesion of the membrane allows for continuous system application without additional components that would be required with other membrane applications. This eliminates the chances of deformation from the breakdown of different material system components.

The tenacious adhesion of the IWS system forms a monolithic membrane which becomes an integral part of the substrate. This eliminates most of the processes associated with multi-component systems. Deformations in any of the materials in a multi-component system can lead to premature failure of the entire system.

Examples of typical defects in roofing/waterproofing systems are:

  1. Delamination from improper adhesive application at substrate, insulation or membrane.

  2. Improperly aligned insulation; loss of attachment of insulation due to substrate irregularities.

  3. Voids in membrane attachment that lead to blisters/ridges.

  4. Fishmouths, slumping or buckling flashing from improper attachment.

The incredible adhesive properties of IWS liquid rubber eliminate all of these potential issues, providing superior results for all waterproofing and weatherproofing applications. The membrane is manufactured during installation and bonds to the substrate to which it is applied. Seams, which are the most vulnerable point of flexible sheet and rolled membranes for moisture infiltration, are non-existent with the IWS system.

The superior tenacious adhesion to all types of substrates and materials eliminates the chance of moisture infiltration beneath the membrane. Results of certified testing show adhesion rates of greater than 12lbf/in. (concrete) and 11lbf/in. (wood) and have proven this product becomes an integral part of the surface it is applied to.


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